We have been investing in some amazing companies that are driving social impact and economic growth while empowering the local people.

Here are some of the investments we have made. 


Venture Hub, Kenya

Venture hub is a Nairobi based high-end events and catering hospitality business with quality and affordable accommodation that specialises in creating memorable elegant catering experiences. From weddings, corporate event, and other special occasion, it is committed to providing impeccable service and hand-prepared cuisine in warm and timeless settings. At peak period, Venture Hub employs up to 30 people. 


Mandara Farm, Zimbabwe

Mandara Farm is 500 hectare farm located 80km outside of Harare. The farm focuses on growing fresh produce mainly targeting the Harare markets. During peak season, Mandara Farm employs up to 50 employees. 


Tandiza Finance, Zambia

Tandiza is helping the community take their children to school, pay for their medical bills and make home improvements. They do this by providing small loans to our customers through a mobile platform – which helps improve financial inclusiveness. 

They do not stop their though. They believe borrowing should be done in a responsible way. They also hold financial literacy courses called Ndalama (Bemba word for money) which take our customers through the basics of household budgeting, saving and responsible borrowing. They have held over 15 courses across the country with over 150 people in attendance.

Tandiza also believes in gender equality, and it is actively empowering females in our community. Three-quarters of Tandiza’s work force are women. Click here to learn more.

Totohealth, Kenya & Tanzania

Totohealth is a social enterprise based in Kenya and Tanzania that provides health care services to reduce child mortality. This is done through registering parents to Totohealth platform that provides health advice to pregnant women, mums and dads with young children. The content covers various subjects including vaccination reminders, clinic appointments, nutrition and family planning advice among others. Click here to learn more.


Feb 2017

Feb 2017